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Ohuhu’s new marker pad might be the best bulletproof sketchbook, if not the only one.

These new pads allow you to use alcohol markers on both sides of each page, preventing ink from bleeding from one side to the other!

You can now use a sketchbook to its full potential and fill every single page with your illustrations using alcohol markers and even other mediums.

Of course, we decided to test the Ohuhu Marker Pad fully to see if it works as intended. Continue reading to see the results!

Review unit sent by Ohuhu, but they did not influence our review.

Testing The Ohuhu Bleedproof Marker Pads

Ohuhu’s new marker pad’s most notable attribute is its ability to prevent ink from bleeding through the pages.

This means that each page is double-sided.

Previously, even using a marker pad, the ink from alcohol markers will inevitably bleed to the back of the page.

This prevents us from using a pad to its full potential, as we can only use one side of each page.

In this case, you can safely use both sides of each page, so the pad will last much longer!

Before drawing anything substantial, I wanted first to test Ohuhu’s Marker Pad bleedproof capability.

The paper is very smooth, with almost no texture, so the markers can easily slide through the pages.

Firstly, I picked some of my darkest markers, such as black and dark purple.

I used simple shapes and several layers of the same color to apply as much ink as possible.

When drawing and coloring with alcohol markers, the colors will likely be layered upon each other. You’ll also often want to blend different colors together to create gradients and other effects.

So, the paper in this pad needs to be able to handle that.

Surprisingly, when I turned the page, it did not disappoint! No ink was bleeding through the paper, even after drawing several layers using a black alcohol marker.

I’m always skeptical about these things since, so far, even paper made with markers in mind will let the ink pass through the pages!

The next test was to draw something on the other side of this page and see if it reacted.


Even still, nothing. The other side is clean, and all you can see are the simple drawings I drew for the first test!

This is excellent news for artists who specialize in marker art. You can now use a pad or sketchbook to its full potential. You can fill an entire page without fear of ink bleeding through the pages.

Some things to keep in mind, though:

  • The ink takes a few extra seconds to dry compared to other paper. This is not too problematic since it’s still quite fast to dry, but it’s good to know so to avoid accidental smudges;
  • The color appears darker than it is; however, once it’s completely dry, the color lightens to the correct tone.
  • Blending colors together is trickier. Even if you’re experienced with alcohol markers, you’ll notice you’ll have to find a new approach to blending.

Nevertheless, the new Ohuhu Marker Pad is a much-needed improvement in marker art, specifically with alcohol markers!

This is also a very affordable pad: around $17 for 60 double-sided sheets.

Mixed media pads and other sketchbooks usually cost the same or more. Especially if you want thick paper!

So far, this pad is a very unexpected and welcome surprise, and I can’t wait to create more artwork with it.

Ohuhu Marker Pad Options

There are currently two Marker Pad options available to choose from Ohuhu:

They’re very similar except for the dimensions and their bind: one is Glue-Bound while the other is Spiral-Bound.

The Ohuhu Bleedproof Marker Pads have:

  • Double-sided Bleedproof Paper
  • 60 Sheets, Totalling 120 Pages
  • 90LB (150GSM) Eco-friendly Drawing Paper

And they also have a blank cover page! 

This means you can easily create your own cover design and customize it to your liking.

This is a great marker pad for sketching with pencils, drawing and painting with markers, or even watercolor pens!

Pros And Cons Of The Ohuhu Bleedproof Marker Pad

Let’s go over the pros and cons of the Ohuhu Bleedproof Marker Pad now.


  • Double-Sided Bleedproof Paper: you can now use alcohol markers on both sides of the page, giving you much more room to draw!
  • An Affordable Marker Pad: around $17 for a medium-sized pad with 60 double-sided sheets is an excellent price, considering the usual price for similar mixed media pads.
  • Versatile In Its Uses: although it targets alcohol markers, this pad can be used with other mediums, including watercolors!


Difficulty Blending Colors Together: although possible, blending colors together is trickier. But nothing that a few tries won’t fix it. Once you learn the optimal way to blend colors, it creates a nice effect.
Few Size Options (for now): so far, this marker pad has only two different sizes: 10 x 7.6 inches (≈254 x 193 mm) and 9 x 12 inches (≈ 228 x 304 mm). Hopefully, if these pads are successful enough, we might see more size variety!

The Best Sketchbook For Ohuhu Markers?

If you want a completely bleed-proof sketchbook, the Ohuhu Bleedproof Marker Pad is the best for Ohuhu markers!


I gave this Marker Pad a lot of testing with alcohol markers and it didn’t bleed at all.

Just remember that it’s only 90lb (150gsm) which should be fine for most people!

But if you’d rather have a thicker paper on which you have to be more careful so it doesn’t bleed through, get the Ohuhu Spiral-Bound Marker Pad for Alcohol Markers instead.

In fact, I recommend you check out the Ohuhu Markers Gift Box Set , which includes a marker pad and other goodies.

Have fun, and keep on drawing!


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