Ohuhu Acrylic Marker Pens for DIY

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40 vibrant colors

Versatile marker

Sophisticated gift

Safe, non-toxic & vivid

Luxurious tips & elegant design


Won't Dry Out & Leakproof

Our signature seal ring ensures the marker is always at its peak performance, providing reliable color intensity. The chisel tip allows for diverse line expressions while the fast drying nature prevents smudging when highlighting. Enjoy years of high-quality drawings with 10 bonus replacement tips.


1. The Ohuhu 40 Color Acrylic Pen is an essential tool for any artist. Make sure to test the ink on the paper before using to ensure the best results. It comes with comprehensive instructions for convenience and ease of use. Enjoy crisp, vivid colors for all your drawing projects!

2. Cover the pen cap immediately after use to avoid tips drying.



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