Ohuhu Glitter Metallic Marker Pens

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12 vibrant glitter colors

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Considerate design

Wide coverage and smooth ink flow


Ohuhu Glitter Metallic Marker Pens

The Ohuhu Glitter Metallic Pens provide an expansive array of creative possibilities. With their smooth ink, durable tips, and crisp and clear lines, this range of pens can be used to make precise fine strokes or to fill wide irregular areas. Unleash your imagination with Ohuhu!

The Ohuhu Glitter Metallic Pens add a metallic luster to any project. Perfect for drawing, doodling, and other creative projects on mugs, wood, paper, and more. These long-lasting pens are great for making greeting cards, scrapbooking, coloring books, and more. Add a touch of sparkle to your artwork!



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