Ohuhu Dual Tip Dot Markers 15 Colors Dot Marker Pens (Fine & Dot)

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Versatile dual tips

5 amazing colors

Safe & durable

Unique art tool for pointillism

A wide array of uses

Conforms with ASTM D-4236


Ohuhu Dual Tip Dot Markers 15 Colors Dot Marker Pens

Unique art tool for pointillism

There's so much you can do with these dual-tipped dot pens, What will you draw?

Versatile dual tips

Make double the artwork with one dot marker! Use the stiff fine tip and flexible round tip for various styles, such as outlining, fine details or bolder lines. Different pressure applied on the tips makes different size of dots for even more possibilities!

15 amazing colors

It's a world of color at your fingertips! Each dot pen set contains 15 colored pens, including 5 metallic colors: Gold, silver, metallic red, metallic purple, metallic blue; 10 regular colors: Sky blue, light pink, red, yellow, orange, brown, lavender, gray, light orange, and green.

Safe & durable

We can draw happily knowing that these dot pens are made of water-based and non-toxic ink. It dries quickly without bleeding into the paper, making it handy for canvases and sketchbooks, writing and painting! The moderately flexible dot tip is durable for smooth, beautiful writing.



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