Ohuhu Mix Media Pad for Multiple Techniques

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Double sided, 78 sheets, totally 156 pages

Medium texture paper

Acid-free & non-faded

Compact & portable pad

Bonus soft writing mat


Ohuhu Marker Mix Media Pad

There's nothing like a blank sketchbook to unleash your ideas and creativity without limit! Made for all types of artist working in different styles!

Easy-tear pages

Sometimes you mess up and want to start over, or you want to tear out a page to share with a friend. Whatever the reason may be, it's easy to rip out pages thanks to the perforated edges which make it a breeze. Carry your free sheets wherever you go, from traveling to class or wherever!

120lb (200gsm) heavyweight art papers

It's the perfect combo of durable and delicate. This 120LB (200GSM) heavyweight paper has a smooth, flat surface that prevents bleeding, smudging and feathering for clean artwork.

Double sided, 78 sheets, totally 156 pages

You can sketch, stipple, draw manga, cartoons, still life, and practice your own techniques with ease!

Acid-Free & Non-Faded

Each sheet of this marker pad features a double sided texture, offering up 120 pages total to explore your professional or beginner creativity. The Works for all sorts of styles, including sketch, stipple, draw manga, cartoons, still life drawings and more

Ohuhu Pad Series



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