Ohuhu Bleedproof Double-Sided Marker Pad, Glue-Bound

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Double-sided Bleedproof Paper

60 Sheets, Totally 120 Pages

90LB (150GSM) Eco-friendly Drawing Paper

9x12 Portable Drawing Pad

Glue Bound Marker Pad, Easy-tear Pages


Unique Blank Cover Design Marker Pad

Express your creativity, make your own special marker sketchbook.

Double-sided Bleedproof Paper, 60 Sheets, Totally 120 Pages

The thickness of the bleedproof sketchbook pages ensures that ink won't pool or bleed into the next page, you can use the backside to draw on too. each sheet of this marker pad features a double sided texture, offering up 120 pages total to explore your professional or beginner creativity.

Acid-free Art Pages with Maximum Blendability

Keep your artwork looking great for years to come since it's 100% acid-free and even better, this marker pad is crafted specifically for use with Ohuhu markers for seamless blending! Great as a Back to School, Christmas supplies.

90LB (150GSM) Eco-friendly Drawing Paper

Marker paper made from 150GSM (90LB) FSC certified paper, Ohuhu's marker book is durable and sustainable. Despite its unique design that tones down paper whiteness, the smooth and even paper surface pairs exceptionally well with Ohuhu alcohol markers. while ink drying time may vary slightly compared to regular paper, rest assured, even budding beginners don't need to fret about ink bleeding.

9x12 Portable Drawing Pad

Widen your possibilities with the large 9 x 12 inch drawing pages. both beginners and seasoned art pros will relish in the freedom granted by this plus sized paper! plus, the pad is super portable and fits in nearly every bag, so you can draw wherever inspiration hits you!



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