Ohuhu Marker Ink G270 Refill for Alcohol marker

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Effortless Refilling with Screw-on Cap

Mega 16ML Ink Volume

Easy Storage and Convenient

Refill Ink for Ohuhu Marker Series - Honolulu, Oahu, Kaala, Molokai

Distinctive Outlook



Dedicated for Ohuhu Markers

Refill your markers, fufill your need! Designed exclusively for Honolulu, Oahu, Kaala and Molokai marker series, Ohuhu's original ink revives your Ohuhu markers for long-lasting performance and limitless creative possibilities

Generous 16ML Ink Volume

The Ohuhu marker ink refill boasts an impressive 16ml ink capacity, allowing for up to 5 refills for the Honolulu marker series, with 3ml per refill. For the Oahu markers, enjoy up to 8 refills with 2ml per refill, and 3 refills with 5ml per refill for the Molokai markers. Better still, for the just-right-amount refill, we've designed graduations on the bottle, enabling you to get precise control over each refill and know the ink level in a quick, convenient way!

Vibrant Alcohol-based In

Whether you are after the quick-drying feature, vibrant luster, and lustrous finish, our alcohol-based ink has got you covered. Say goodbye to smudging and smearing. Once refilling your markers to draw, you won't even notice the tiniest difference compared to the original ink

Effortless Refilling with Screw-on Cap

Our clever screw-on cap design eliminates any ink leakage, ensuring your refill remains clean and tidy. With the extra-long needle tip, refilling becomes a breeze, completely mess-free. You can always get the refilling job done elegantly

Compact and Distinctive Outlook

Designed with convenient storage in mind, this refill comes in the same size as an Ohuhu marker, allowing you to easily store the ink bottle alongside your markers. The textured cap design, color-coded markings, and series name labels ensure quick identification of the ink bottle amidst your marker collection. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching and enjoy seamless organization

Identify the Matched Color Fast

Our unique ink assortment offers effortless convenience when you need to locate your desired color – each color is color coded on both the caps and the ink bottles. This saves you valuable time when crafting your creative designs

More Colors on the Way

With a large capacity of 16ml, your empty markers are saved. For your convenience, the ink bottle features a needle tip to save your effort. 51 vibrant colors are available and more on the way

What makes Ohuhu Markers so different?

Dual Tips

Widen your artistic horizons with the dual-tip marker design! Choose the brush tip for sweeping, calligraphic strokes or quickly color in large areas with the wide chisel tip. What's more, now Ohuhu replacement brush tips is available, so you can easily replace the worn-out tips to ensure consistent and precise lines whenever you create. The only limit is your imagination

Seamless Blending

Forget about blotchy, uneven coloring. High-quality ink blends seamlessly to achieve beautiful coloring effects, even for beginners. Plus, your artwork will never fade or smudge with time

Find Colors Fast

Don't waste time looking for the right color. Color-coded caps keep tips from drying out and help you find any marker in a flash. As a bonus, the free carrying case keeps your markers organized and portable for any coloring adventure! Also, this is a great Christmas gift idea

Draw Like a Pro

You won't believe how well the ink flows and you can be sure the colors hold their vibrancy,even once they've dried.



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