Ohuhu Gold Silver White Gel Pens, 12 Pack

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Extra fine tip gel ink pens

Smooth ink flow & high opacity

Quick-dry, waterproof & lightfast

Multi-purpose art tool

Safe & non-toxic water-based ink


Ohuhu Gel Ink Pen Set 12 Pack-6 White, 3 Silver, 3 Gold Colors

What makes Ohuhu Pens so different?

Extra Fine Tip Gel Ink Pens

Create detailed works of art with the Ohuhu 3 Colors Metallic Ink Pen Set. The set includes 6 white, 3 gold, and 3 silver metallic pens, each with an ultra-fine 0.8mm tip. Add mesmerizing effects, glistening snow, or captivating highlights to your work with ease. Make your ideas come to life with the Ohuhu 3 Colors Metallic Ink Pen Set.

Smooth Ink Flow & High Opacity

This Ohuhu Gel Pens Set is designed to make art and craft projects a breeze. Its perfect ink flow allows you to glide effortlessly across paper without skipping or clogging, while the highly opaque ink stands out vividly on both dark and colored papers. Use these pens for precise touch ups, highlights and reflections.

Bright and Intense Colors

The Ohuhu white ink pens set features a vibrant array of colors with highly pigmented water-based ink, ensuring your artwork remains vivid and intense. Its waterproof, fast-drying, and lightfast properties protect your masterpiece from smudging or fading, preserving its brilliance over time.

Multi-Purpose Art Tool

The Ohuhu White Gel Pens are the perfect tool for expressing your creative vision. With a multitude of mediums, from black paper to kraft surfaces, you can unleash your artistic potential. These pens are ideal for detail drawing, sketch coloring, illustration, journaling, card making, and scrapbooking. For even more possibilities, pair them with water-based pens, markers, colored pencils, or watercolors.



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