Ohuhu Acrylic Painting Set, Artist Set

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Easy, adjustable table-top easel

Professional nylon hair painting brushes

Art on the go, great art supplies


Ohuhu acrylic painting set

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafting through the air, warm sunlight gently shining down your spaces, and a nice big white canvas with Ohuhu's Oil Paint Set to paint the day away.

This set features a gorgeous array of 36 different vibrant colors, from sunny Lemon Yellow, striking Cobalt Blue, to luscious Crimson Red, giving you all the shades and colors to freely express your creativity.

Creativity has no limits, and it definitely shouldn't be bounded to the home. So bring these paints outdoors! Easily paint out cityscapes and gardens with its compact and portable size. From the budding artist to the professional painter, the Ohuhu Professional Paint Supply Set is the perfect complimentary set to a mind that's bursting with color and creativity.



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